000: The Block of Marble

a triumphant return to the mid-length weblog essay format

Imagine a sculptor, if you will, that models his intentions in clay before moving to marble. The modern artisan, in effect, must do the same with writing: by drafting, revising, and rehashing conceptual noise into words and phrases, we impress meaning into what was once formless.

Consider the following essays as scale models of our own process. Here we attempt to reduce the intersections of science, philosphy, and politics to their core presuppositions and revisit their original bearings. Some dogmas must be refined, others discarded. These are sketches of a map which might eventually reflect the territory.

001: World Machine

on perpetual motion, equilibrium, and Enlightenment ecosystems

002: A Modern Neologic

a primer on meaning, ambiguity, and language in the post-structuralist future

003: Absolute Units

a challenge to a mostly harmless dogma

004: At Scale of Men

on the dire lack of sexagesimal systems