inqstudio is an interdisciplinary practice based in New York City, specializing in the development of products and services on the frontier of sustainability, design, and urbanism.

• Urban research and visualization

We are dedicated to cities and their infrastructures, bringing a deep wealth of practical, historical, and theoretical knowledge to bear on issues of housing, transport, access, and land-use.

• Application development

Specialized, internal-facing applications are becoming essential frameworks for organizations and institutions looking for a dynamic approach to new problems. marketing and production pipelines.

• Data analysis

Some project pipelines require the curation and maintenance of novel datasets in service of more complex insights. from simple database queries to multi-dimensional analytics, our process is collaborative and client-specific.

• 3D modeling, rendering, prototyping and printing

Some ideas are best worked out in three dimensions. our firm provides the technical expertise to bring specialized installations, prototypes physical projects to fruition.

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Gabriel Williams
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